Neal Marcum, Ministry Coordinator

Neal began serving as ministry coordinator for Covenant Church in _____. He and his wife Melissa have three children: McCartney Williams who teaches music, math, and PE at Highland Rim Academy; Carly Williams who works at Cracker Barrel; and Sally Jane Marcum who is a freshman at Monterey High School. Melissa is a registered nurse who works at the Putnam County Health Department. The Marcums attend the Shipley Church Missional Community.

Ethan Breeding, Ministry Assistant

Ethan began serving as ministry assistant for Covenant Church in _____. He and his wife Brooke have two children: Katiebeth Bartlett who is a third grader at Northeast Elementary and Joel Breeding who is two years old. Brooke teaches biology at Cookeville High School. The Breedings lead the Eastside Missional Community. Ethan is also a graduate student at Tennessee Tech.

Betsy Dean, Media Assistant

Betsy Dean began working as media assistant at Covenant Church in ___. She also teaches English through _____ and is a graduate student at the University of Louisville. Betsy attends the Midtown Missional Community.


Hunter Vick, Ministry Intern

Hunter began serving as an intern in______, 2019. He is a mechanical engineering major at Tennessee Tech and a YoungLife leader.

Alison Vance, Ministry Intern

Alison began serving as a ministry intern in September, 2019. She is a sophomore civil engineering major at Tennessee Tech. Alison attends the Capshaw Missional Community.