Missional communities are the foundation of ministry in Covenant Church. MC’s function as microcosm of the church as a whole. They gather for study, fellowship, and service each week. Worship often happens in this context as well.  The house churches of the New Testament provide biblical model for missional community as we see them described at the end of Acts 2.

Please contact Ethan Breeding for more information. All of the following MC’s meet on Wednesday evening with the exception of Ironwood which meets on Sunday evening.

Current Missional Communities and Leaders

  • Capshaw: Larry and Connie Taylor

  • Shipley Church: Chris and Tammy Wilson

  • Hidden Cove: Chris and Sissy Vick

  • Midtown: Rob and Allison Weeden

  • Ironwood: Steve and Debbie Lamb (Sunday evening)

  • White Plains: Richard and Kassandra Newman

  • Shenandoah: Chuck and Renee Craig

  • Eastside: Ethan and Brooke Breeding