Covenant Church celebrates special events throughout the year. Some of these events are related to the liturgical church year (e.g. Christmas and Easter), some are civic events (e.g. Thanksgiving and Fourth of July), while others are unique to our church fellowship (e.g. Founders Day and house blessings). The following is a representative list of these events with a few links to pages with more information and photos.

We are not a church driven by special events. Rather, we see these as moments in time that mark our spiritual journey. In a culture inebriated with the hype of celebration, we choose to protect our ongoing commitment to worship, discipleship, fellowship, and service by limiting our emphasis on special occasions. Yet, these are Ebenezers that give thanks to the Lord for what he has done as well as opportunities for us to build our matrix of relationships with people in differing missional communities and our community at large.

Events Related to the Church Year:

  • Advent Art Fest

  • Christmas Soiree

  • Christmas Eve Communion Service and Candlelit Procession of Carols

  • Ash Wednesday Prayer Service

  • Palm Sunday

  • Holy Week Ecumenical Community Services

  • Maundy Thursday Footwashing and Lord’s Supper Services

  • Easter Sunrise Service

  • Easter Services (linked to page with photos from 2019)

  • Ascension Day Picnic and Kitefest

  • Pentecost Campfires

Events Related to the Civic Calendar:

  • Fourth of July Fireworks Watch Party (Covenant House)

  • Great Thanksgiving Feast (Northside Community Center)

Events Unique to our Church Fellowship

Events Related to Special Life Events

  • Baptism Services

  • Weddings

  • Baby Showers

  • Baby Dedications

  • House Blessings

  • Funerals

Events Related to Discipleship Needs

  • Discipleship Weekend for Teens

  • Brotherhood Breakfast (weekly)

  • Ladies Lunch