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Missional Living 

In our context today we find a greater need than ever to speak from within the culture, rather than expecting the culture to wrap itself around our ideas. Missional living is understanding that we are a sent people with a message of good news. In living missionally we are focused on the commissioning that we have been given from Christ in Matthew 28.18-20 to which we are to make disciples of all the nations. By living in a missional context we not only gain influence in the city we live, but we also attain an authority to speak into the culture for its transformation in the Gospel.


High Accountability, Low Control

We believe that God has made us all ministers of the Gospel and it is our responsibility to lead in this fashion. We expect that those who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ will in fact reflect the nature and Character of Jesus. Because of this we do not look to program participation in our corporate gathering or in the missional community. We hope that people engage their neighbors, coworkers, family and friends with the Gospel that they too might believe Jesus is Lord.


Relational Discipleship

As we examine Jesus' earthly ministry we see that he interacted with those who were following him at different levels. There were mass teachings, smaller gatherings and intimate connection. On each of these levels we see a relational understanding of those whom he was connecting. Jesus understood the culture of people, most importantly in the smaller contexts he knew well those who were following him. Of the hundreds of people that followed him throughout his ministry, he lived everyday life with twelve. Of the twelve he had a very intentional and relational connection with three. In this we understand that there will be a small group of people with whom live daily, but there will also be a smaller group that we are deeply connected to in pursuit of Christlikeness. These core relationships for the foundation for the beginning of new Missional Communities and the broader expansion of the Kingdom. 

Organic Growth

Throughout much of the New Testament we see that the church is referred to in organic imagery such as a body, or vine branches. As we consider this concept we believe that as we are faithful to the command of Jesus in making disciples of all peoples that we will grow in number and maturity.